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Lasse and Ulla

Lasse and Ulla Rudberg have known each other for 70 years. Lasse used to work as a legal expert at the Stockholm City Hall; Ulla was a school teacher. They had planned to spend their retirement in the Stockholm Archipelago, but their dream was shattered when Lasse was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. The documentary covers the lives of Lasse and Ulla over nine years- a period which starts when Lasse has just been given his diagnosis and which subsequently follows his path through the various stages of Alzheimer's disease. We see how Ulla's loving care helps compensate for Lasse's shortcomings so that he can enjoy an active and meaningful life, despite his disease. The film is 58 minutes long.

The movie can be ordered by mail or phone see contacts. It is available both on DVD and VHS.
Lasse & Ulla